Since 1987 Adventures in Training

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Programming Options

Adventures in Leadership or Team Development
                ½ day to 3 ¼ days
                Client Needs Assessment – conference call or on site
                Location and Content selection
                Program Facilitation
                Action Planning
                Follow up – 4 to 6 weeks after program delivery
                Action Planning
Adventure Based Counseling
            3 to 5 days
                Client Needs Assessment
                Program Facilitation
                Follow Up – ongoing for duration of intervention
Conflict Resolution
                ½ day to 2 days
                Needs Assessment
                Program Facilitation
                Follow up – 4 weeks after program delivery
Effective Communication in the Workplace
                ½ day to 2 days
                Stand alone or incorporation in LDP or Team Development
                Needs Assessment
                Program Delivery
                Follow up
Innovation Programs
                ½ day to 6 months
                Needs assessment
                Program Delivery
                                Creativity in the Workplace
                                Innovation BootCamps
                                Development of Innovation Initiatives & Teams
Lunch Time Seminar Series   
                2 ½ to 3 hours – Time 11:00AM – 01:30PM

                 Leading Innovation  
                 Making your Meetings Work for you  
                 Effective Communication for Results  
                 Balancing Work and Personal Life  
                 Creativity in the Workplace  
                 The Psychology of Success  
                 Emotional Intelligence at Work  
                 Time Management for Results  

Meeting Facilitation
Above and Beyond can facilitate your organization’s next series of meetings and initiatives in order to provide an environment for increased productivity and success!

Organizational Development
Let us work with your Human Resource professionals in order to development an OD plan that has alignment and linkage with your organizations long term plans and your associate’s personal and professional needs.

Strategic Planning for Sustainable Growth
Above and Beyond International can help your organization develop plans and strategies for being a more socially responsible entity.  We do this through a series of educational and developmental programs leading to the development of a new Vision and strategic direction for your organization.  We will work closely with your senior leadership group in the development of new organizational norms and instill a sense of ownership and partnerships between you and your stakeholders.  We provide you with a roadmap for your journey on the way to being a more sustainable organization.

Business Continuity Planning
              Scenario Planning
                Disaster Recovery
                Emergency Preparedness
                Employee Awareness and Education
                Virtual Office Strategies

Time Management for Results                                      
From managing email and voicemail to juggling multiple tasks and projects, our time management seminar will help you learn how to manage your time wisely and effectively.   This seminar is full of time tested and proven time and project management strategies.

  • The myths of time management
  • Single handing vs. multi-tasking
  • The planning model
  • Email efficiency
  • Effective delegation
  • Time management systems
  • The locus of control
  • Action planning


Adventures in training since 1987 -                                    

                    helping organizations on their journey

“Physical risk taking is not the goal here, emotional and intellectual risk taking is.” – Adrienne L. Gold Training & Development Journal

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