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Social Responsibility

There is a renewed sense of urgency in regard to the re-exploration of corporate values and the strategic direction of many of the world’s businesses and organizations. 

It is no longer a “nice to have but a must have” ingredient of your companies long term vision and business plans.  Global Warming, increased pressure on the worlds resources for business and human needs as well as a realization of the ever increasing costs of doing business today demonstrate the need for Sustainable Change.

What are the long term benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility?

                Associate Loyalty
                Customer Appreciation and Loyalty
                Recruitment and acquisition of new talent
                Purposeful plans for cost reduction strategies
                                Energy reduction
                                Waste reduction
                                Re-engineering of business processes leading to                                 increased productivity
                Development of stronger partnerships and alliances with your                 stakeholders


“Physical risk taking is not the goal here, emotional and intellectual risk taking is.” – Adrienne L. Gold Training & Development Journal


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