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Youth Programming Options

Our Mission

To provide quality experientially based youth programming options that occur in a positive and nurturing learning environment.


Individuals, families, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations, local and government agencies.

Program Descriptions

Our programs are custom designed to teach today’s youth, the life and people skills necessary to be a successful and productive individual as well as teaching through experience the benefits of diversity and teamwork. 

Adventure Based Counseling

Program Duration 1-5 sessions

Team and Leadership Development Programs

Program Duration - 1 to 5 program days

Effective Conflict Resolution

                Program Duration – 1 to 5 sessions

All programs are designed to meet the needs of the individual(s) involved as well as the needs of all stakeholders.

Average group rate - price per person $125.00 per day excluding facilities and equipment rental if applicable.  Large group or multiple program discounts may apply.

 Scenario Planning
 Disaster Recovery
 Emergency Preparedness
 Employee Awareness and Education
 Virtual Office Strategies
It is people like you who make difference in the communities...children have experienced something they never would have

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UJA Federation of New York
Thank you for a great experience...the day was outstanding in large part due to your leadership... You were instrumental in helping an unaffiliated mix of people achieve a sense of group identity and purpose. comments regarding the Youth Leadership Retreat.

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Above & Beyond Youth Programs

“Physical risk taking is not the goal here, emotional and intellectual risk taking is.” – Adrienne L. Gold Training & Development Journal

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